Marie-Cécile is a French artist who lived in the Detroit suburbs. “Being French, I think I see Detroit differently. Each time I go there, I feel inspired. My objective through my paintings is to illustrate this feeling and energy I get when I visit Detroit”. She spent afternoons wondering around the city taking pictures. Each one of her paintings is inspired from the photos that she has taken. 

Marie-Cécile paints with two medium: watercolor and acrylic. She finds these two techniques quite complementary. Watercolor is more spontaneous and requires a perfect knowledge of the water cycle whereas acrylic is much more flexible.   


Street in Detroit II
Gyclee print on watercolor paper
Size: 9x12 - $80
Street in Detroit I
Gyclee Print on watercolor paper
Size: 12x18 - $120
Révolution Perturbation Restructurat
Watercolor on watercolor paper, framed and matted
Size: 22x18

“I am used to more figurative and realist watercolor painting but for this one, I just felt the inspiration. I wanted to represent global order and disorder, how a revolution starts with small perturbations, and that after, there can be reconstruction”. - $380
On the Road 66 II
Matted and framed watercolor,
Size: 12x18 - $150
Midtown in the Snow
Watercolor - 12x18, $135
Street in Detroit III
Size: 12x18 - $150
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