Claudia Hershman

She is an established artist in the metro Detroit area, and has exhibited work in several local competitions and shows. In addition, her work can be seen in Henry Ford Hospital’s collection and at Molina Health Care. Claudia is a mixed media painter, who uses acrylics, collage materials, and drawing,to create texture and depth in each painting. Her focus is mainly on abstraction. color and shape. “I am attracted to the freedom in children’s art and seek to capture that spontaneity and joy. My paintings evolve without preconception. When a painting begins to have it’s own life, a dialog between us emerges. I add marks with color or pencil,  and then react to the marks, colors, drips, and accidents, to move further into the piece. When all comes together, the piece is finished. Painting, for me, is not about intent, but about the experience itself."

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Blue Moon
Signed print with collage
Paper size: 7,75"x9,75", Image size: 5"x6,75 - $150
Signed Giclee
Paper size: 11"x14", Image size: 8,5"x10,75" - $75
Turkish Delight
Signed print and collage on paper
Paper size: 6,75"x8,25", Image size: 4,75"x7" - $175
Red House
Signed Collagraph print with collage
Size: Paper size: 8"x8", Image size: 6"x6" - $175
Floral II
Mixed Media
Size: 12"x4" - $90
Floral III
Mixed Media
Size: 12"x4"- $90
Floral I
Mixed Media
Size: 12"x4" - $90
Fly Over
Mixed Media
Size: 20"x24" - $1200
Hidden II
Mixed Media
Size: 18"x24" - $1100
Still life
Mixed Media
Size: 14"x11"- $500
Mixed Media
Size: 20"x20" - $800
Garden Dreams
Mixed Media
Size: 30x24 - $1800
Word Power
Mixed Media
Size: 28"x18"- $1250
Mixed media
Size: 5"x7"- $150
Black Hat
Mixed media
Size: 5"x7" - $150
Mixed media on canvas
Size: 11"x14" - $500
Mixed media
Size: 11"x14" - $400
Night in the City
Mixed media
Size: 9"x12" - $400
Mixed media
Size: 9"x12"- $400
Mixed media
Size: 9"x12" - $400
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