Our 2016 Christmas selection

Bring Detroit under your Christmas tree!

After weeks of hard work, we finally picked-up our Christmas pieces. Now our artists are done with the Christmas preparation and our event last week, they feel released and are prepared to enjoy the holydays. To be honnest, Fabien and I feel the same way.


However, our relaxation time will wait a little bit as we want to make sure we have you covered for Christmas.


This year, we selected 10 unique pieces to surprise your loved ones. No commercial pieces made in China, but only "made by hand in Detroit" pieces. And to make sure your gift will have all its appeal, we are offering for each item ordered before Saturday December 16th: 

Free shipping 

A "behind the scene" description of each item purchased

A Detroit postcard to make your Christmas wishes unique

Hurry-up it won't last long! :)