For Individuals

Invite your friends to your house for a fun evening devoted to art, we take care of everything else.

Create a unique experience for your customers at your business location.

For Businesses

For Individuals

Schedule your art Party!

An art party is an event you host at your house with your friends to enjoy a fun moment around art. You send the invitations and we take care of everything else!  

Before the event, guests can have a look at our online gallery and decide what art they would like to see and learn more about. We bring the art to the party, offer advice on what art would match your house and introduce all the artists whose work is present. We also talk about what not to be missed in Detroit‘s art scene. All the art on display is available for sale.

Free of charge, 2 to 3 hours, 10 to 30 guests

Book your 20 min preparatory Art Party meeting!

Call us at 248-733-5461 contact us here for any questions. 

USArt worked with me to find the right art for my friends at the party. They had a very friendly and approachable way to engage in the art with presentations and stories.

I highly recommend USArt for events and parties to make them extra special!


Rochester, Michigan

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“The USArt team turned our house into an art gallery for one day. Our friends and family loved their way of presenting Detroit artists. Their fabulous selection of art was a great conversation piece to mingle with drinks and snacks. Highly recommended!”


Birmingham, Michigan

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For Businesses

USArt in Business

  • Leverage USArt Boutique's artists portfolio to create unique art events for your business

  • ​Attract new customers and strenghten your relationship with your current customers using Art.​​

  • Differentiate your business by investing in art and by creating short and long term events with artists that represent your values and brand image.

  • ​Amaze your audience with our technology solution where people can discover piece of art's stories and information directly on their smartphone.


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