Alphonso Cox

As a self-taught artist, Alphonso Cox has been sketching and drawing since he could pick up a pencil. These days, his life experiences are what drive and inspire him to create. He fell back into the art world after his older brother committed suicide at the young age of 25. To deal with the stress from his brother’s untimely death, he began drawing and painting with great passion and vigor. A desire for perfection urges him to work hard and be a productive artist. His first solo show was a celebration of life and music with a display of unique portraits of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Tupac, Bob Marley and Malcolm X. The style he has developed is like no other - a true scientist of colors, materials, and process – exploring many techniques and mediums including ink, oil, acrylic, and charcoal. His work has been exhibited at many venues and galleries in Detroit and the Chicago area. Alphonso has made a vow to go wherever the art world may take him and therefore share his talents with whomever he has the pleasure to meet. He's currently living in Detroit and is working as a freelance artist.

Please contact us for prices and questions about the artwork:

A View from Above
Oil, wax, and spray paint
Size: 48IN. X 30IN - $3500
Crab Nabula
Size: 60IN. X 36IN.
Size: 60IN. X 48IN - $2000
Oil, wax and spray paint
Size: 40IN. X 30IN - $1100
Rainy Dayz
Size: 28IN. X 24IN.
The Event
Oil, wax and spray paint
Size: 60IN. X 36IN $1200
Leonis Major
Signed and limited edition print on watercolor paper
60IN. X 36IN - $550
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