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We believe that buying art should not be reduced to choosing a pretty picture among an endless list of items. On the contrary, buying art should be related to feeling an emotional connection with the piece of art. Buying art is also about understanding the artist's personal thought put into the work.

Our objective with USArt is to give everyone access to a new art experience.

A special focus is placed on being aware of the artist's inspirations and on understanding the stories behind each piece of art. 

To do so, each artist and piece of art is chosen with care based on quality and uniqueness. USArt visits all the artists, goes through their work and interviews them. 

USArt is a startup was started in 2014. We are very excited to start in Detroit because we are convinced that art, creativity and a new social mindset are critical points for the rebirth of the city. In Detroit, a unique artist community is emerging; we want to support it, encourage it and arouse the curiosity of the whole country around what is happening here!  

Emily Pitchford-Boeuf

Emily is the co-founder and director of USArt. She grew-up in the South of France and decided to move to the US to live in her mother's country after having graduated in business. She has always been a true art lover and has been painting since she was a little girl. Her dream is not only to help artists live from their art but also to help them communicate about their passion and share it because she believes that everyone should have access to whole new dimension of life that art can bring. The art community is vibrant in Detroit, starting this adventure in this city has been very exciting!


Fabien Cros

Fabien is the co-founder and now passive investor of USArt. When Emily told him about her idea, he loved it, and helped her turn her idea into a real project. French as well, Fabien moved to Detroit a few years ago, in spite of the discouraging comments of his close relatives. He fell in love with Detroit, a city that few people dare to come discover and make their own opinion of. He is convinced that USArt can contribute to the city's rebirth and help improve its reputation through art. Fabien used his background in Consulting and Pricing to help Emily build a solid Business plan to launch the company.

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